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The W. Bednarowski Trust
  The Trust, set up in 1999, is recognised as a charity.  Its primary purposes are to advance education by facilitating contacts for Polish academics with Scottish academics, primarily in Philosophy and related disciplines, by providing support for Polish academics visiting Scotland for the purposes of study and research, and to support the activities of other bodies which are seeking to advance the education of Polish academics.

  The Trustís main activity is offering short visiting research fellowships (open originally to staff of the Jagiellonian University, but subseqently opened up to philosophers from other Polish universities), enabling several individuals each year to visit Aberdeen, or more recently, other Scottish Universities.  The Trust is also prepared to consider suitable applications from academics in other disciplines related to Philosophy, and particularly in History of Art/Fine Art or English literature.

  The purpose of this scheme is to provide to Polish academics an opportunity to learn more about English-speaking Philosophy, and to make contact with colleagues in their discipline.  It is hoped that there will also be a benefit for the host department, with mutually beneficial collaborative relationship possibly developing in some cases.   The scheme has been running since January 2000, and over forty fellows will have visited Aberdeen or other Scottish universities by Summer 2015.

  Other activities:  the Trust has also provided support for Polish philosophers to attend the Joint Session (the principal annual conference of UK philosophers) when it was held held in Aberdeen in July 2007, and again when it was held in Stirling in July 2013.  It has also, in collaboration with the University of Warsaw, organized a Conference in Warsaw in September 2014, bringing together philosophers from Scotland and from Poland, to discuss themes in Theory of Knowledge and in Political Philosophy.

  Further details of the visiting fellowships scheme may be found on the fellowships page.

OSCR (Scottish Charities Regulator) no: SCO29376

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